Monday, February 8, 2010


We've gotten a bit more snow- maybe 8 inches to a foot. Melting off the roofs, it's created some cray icicles! Here's one that got twisted as it was forming (that's Elijah holding it):

And we like to call this one the Epicsicle! It's actually forming a stalagmite below it:

To combat the cold, I made my first sourdough loaf in the breadmaker. It looks like what would have happened if my first loaf had stayed as high as it had ever risen, rather than falling again.

My Swallowtail shawl is coming along nicely, I've done 11 of 14 repeats of this part of the pattern, and then I get to move onto the border. I'm actually really enjoying it now that I've gotten the hang of the pattern.

Luke and Han are napping on my lap (piled on top of each other, as they do), and it's nice to have a lapful of warm, loving kittens. I continue to tell them that they will be getting a new baby brother or sister, as the search for the baby tabby boy/girl (I'm becoming a lot more open to the idea of getting a girlcat) goes on. I'm waiting for a call from Second Chance about the baby tabby girl they have, so that I can properly meet her. Otherwise, there is the Phoenix trip on Saturday. My friend (whose birthday it will be) is excited about helping me find a kitten, as she has cats of her own. I'm excited about getting a third kitten!


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