Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding Planning

I'm getting married in a week, and Elijah and I are very excited, especially now that almost everything is done for it. The wedding is in Connecticut, in my hometown, so all the vendors are local to that area.

Caterer- A Thyme to Cook. We tasted the food in December, and everything- and I do mean everything- is delicious. I even liked things that I don't normally like, like couscous and peppers! I got to taste cake flavors over spring break, and we've decided on having two flavors- the bottom tier of the cake will be (my choice) lemon cake with lemon curd and raspberry filling, and the middle and top tiers will be vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling (since Elijah doesn't really like lemon). We'll also be having other little desserts, so everyone will be able to find something that they like.

In March, I met again with the florist, Bakes & Baldwin. I chose the flowers for my bouquet (mostly cream, with a little white to add dimension, and bits of lavender and light blue flowers here and there) and for my maid of honor bouquets (the inverse of mine- mostly lavender and light blue with a little cream).

I had my second fitting for my dress; she had already done the bustle so Mom got a chance to practice putting it up. AND I finally found shoes! My feet aren't exactly narrow, but the toes are, I guess, so any open-toed shoe had the tendency for my toes to slide out and stick out past the toe of the shoe. Finally I found a pair of shimmery silver heels which fit and look great!

We picked up my ring from the jeweler, Wil McNabb in Flagstaff, the other day. It's white gold, to match my engagement ring (which has purple sapphires channel-set all the way around), and has the Hebrew phrase "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li", which means "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." Elijah's ring has the same phrase and is in two-tone white and yellow gold.

Photos to come after the wedding!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

March Yarncraft

Two projects for March; the first was for Transfiguration, where we investigated the uses of dragon's blood. I experimented with the fourth use of dragon’s blood, giving the ability to converse with birds. I used avifors to transfigure three drops of dragon’s blood into three small birds, each of which fit into the palm of my hand. But the fierceness of the dragon caused an interesting change- each bird took on a unexpected personality! First to greet me with an “Arr!” was a red bird who introduced himself as a pirate, then came another red bird with horns and a pitchford- a devil bird! I almost didn’t see the third bird, as his body was black, though he retained some of the blood-red color in his beak and wings, one of which was holding a throwing star- a ninja! I had a fascinating chat with these three fellows, and they showed me a trick where they could fly in the same pattern that three balls would be juggled in, before they flew away (the ninja bird and the pirate bird fighting while the devil bird laughed). What a curious experience!

The pattern is my own, and can be found for sale here.

My second project was for Herbology, where we studied flowers. I crafted something that is both flowery and in honor of Poppy Pomfrey. This pink bunny wearing a flower-adorned dress will someday go to a child, and will hopefully comfort that child as Poppy comforts her patients!