Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Han, Luke... and Leia!

We went to Second Chance again today, and the little girl tabby still had the note on her cage not to take her out. So I pet her through the bars for a little while, then we went into the kitten room, where there were about ten new kittens, including several tabbies, mostly girls. There were two little kittens that were adorable, but obviously best friends, and while we wouldn't think of separating them, we don't want four kittens all at once. One little girl was particularly sweet and affectionate, loving pets, climbing up into laps and cuddling, and if it weren't for the other kitten I already really liked, I might have chosen her.

We then went to see the dogs, who were outside in their play groups, in big fenced areas. Elijah pet them through the chain link, and was quite taken with a black lab puppy. He was going to ask to play with that puppy, but didn't get a chance, as all the staff were busy getting two other dogs ready to go home with their new family.

I went back to see the tabby girl, who was very glad to see me again, purring and enjoying pets. When I left, she gave me those "Why are you leaving? Where are you going?" eyes.

We went back to the kitten room (yay being swarmed by kittens!) and were petting out top choice of those kittens, when a staff member walked in and asked if we had any questions. We mentioned the other cat that we liked but couldn't take out of her cage, and she said "Says who?" I explained the sign, but she said that it was okay as long as a staff member was in the room with me. So she got someone to go in with me, and I got to hold the tabby girl, who purred like a machine, cuddled, and played with a toy I offered her. I handed her over to Elijah, and she snuggled with him as well, purring and happy. When I saw that sweet face, I couldn't help but fall in love with her completely, so I said that we would take her.

Her name, of course, is now Leia (it was Teacup). We stopped at PetSmart on the way home to get her a collar, litterbox, and bed, and I brought her in, in my arms. The woman at Second Chance had offered us a cardboard box to bring her home in, but she seemed good enough in my arms, and though she wanted to explore the car, she was content to stay in my lap.

Leia is now in the bathroom, with her own food, water, and litterbox, and the boys' things are elsewhere in the house. She is such a friendly cat, she doesn't like to be alone and wants to explore everywhere and meet everyone. She hissed a little at the boys when I brought her out to meet them, so I'm just going to make sure that things don't move too fast. (I only brought her out cause she wanted to meet them, and they showed interest in meeting her. She and Han sniffed noses, and Luke was a little more cautious and didn't like that there was something new in his house.) Once they all get used to each other, I think that they'll be really good playmates and friends.


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