Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

to Han and Luke! They are one year old now, and we've had them for eight months. When we got them, they were just little four-month-olds, tiny little balls of fur:

Now they are strapping young cats, but still just as cute and handsome:

My boys have grown a lot, matured a lot, and come a long way. I'm proud of how far they've come! Being rescue cats, they had some issues before they ever met us, and although they're not the relaxed, comfortable cats that I want them to be, they really are so much better than they used to be.

Han is the big boy- not fat, but solid. He's lost some of the interest in playing that he used to have (he used to play with anything dangly), but he still loves his fuzzy mice. He's a cuddler, and usually sleeps on my feet or leaning against my legs at night. He also likes to burrow under the covers on the bed, and will snuggle in my arms when I get into bed. He's actually pretty protective of me, always wanting to make sure that I'm okay, whether it's following me into the bathroom or keeping me company when I'm taking a nap. He's a lap hog, sometimes pushing his siblings out of the way so that he has the best part of my lap (the inside, against my stomach). He's very picky about food- I feed them mush on occasion, and he really only likes the chicken. One time when I gave him turkey, he sniffed it, fixed me with a look of "Mom. I like CHICKEN, not TURKEY!" and walked away.

Luke is sensitive, intelligent, and innocent-faced. He has big round eyes that make him look much younger than his heavy-lidded-eyed brother. While Han's definitely a mama's boy, Luke is just lovey, and enjoys sitting on Elijah's lap and getting pets. He's very treat-oriented, and gets excited every time he hears shaking (even when it's not a treat can/bag, oops). He likes snuggling, but not for very long, he's more fidgety than Han. He likes to keep me company when I'm getting ready for bed. He's more playful, loves the laser pointer, and likes chasing most toys. He likes eating catnip before he rolls in it.

I know that I post a lot about Leia, and that's because she's more photogenic and outgoing, so there's usually more to say about her, but she's only one-third of the feline part of the household. My boys are wonderful big brothers, snuggling and playing with her.

My boys.


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