Monday, April 5, 2010


On Friday, I hosted a Passover Seder, and it went really well. A few of the friends I invited weren't able to come, but Dave and Jen (Jen of the Lion Hat), and Cody were able to make it.

Dave printed out a Haggadah and cooked the lamb shank, Jen made hard-boiled eggs and a pot roast, and I made charoset, noodle kugel, and date nut bars, which everyone agreed were absolutely amazing. I printed out the recipe for Jen right then and there, else I was afraid that ugly things may have happened. We also had the obligatory parsley with salt water, matzah, horseradish (jarred, that everyone said was really good and cleared out Cody's beginning-of-a-cold), and I had an orange on my plate.

I was planning to lead the seder, just because, but Dave has led a few before and ended up taking over, which worked out very well. We did a lot of passing the Haggadah around to take turns reading, and sang a little bit, but not as much as I'm used to (since Dave and I are the only ones who know the songs).

No pictures, unfortunately. I was running late that day (hadn't even put the kugel in the oven by the time Dave and Jen arrived), and was just trying to get everything put together, so I forgot to take out the camera. Instead, I will present you with this picture of a blissed-out Leia:


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