Thursday, June 2, 2011

March Yarncraft

Two projects for March; the first was for Transfiguration, where we investigated the uses of dragon's blood. I experimented with the fourth use of dragon’s blood, giving the ability to converse with birds. I used avifors to transfigure three drops of dragon’s blood into three small birds, each of which fit into the palm of my hand. But the fierceness of the dragon caused an interesting change- each bird took on a unexpected personality! First to greet me with an “Arr!” was a red bird who introduced himself as a pirate, then came another red bird with horns and a pitchford- a devil bird! I almost didn’t see the third bird, as his body was black, though he retained some of the blood-red color in his beak and wings, one of which was holding a throwing star- a ninja! I had a fascinating chat with these three fellows, and they showed me a trick where they could fly in the same pattern that three balls would be juggled in, before they flew away (the ninja bird and the pirate bird fighting while the devil bird laughed). What a curious experience!

The pattern is my own, and can be found for sale here.

My second project was for Herbology, where we studied flowers. I crafted something that is both flowery and in honor of Poppy Pomfrey. This pink bunny wearing a flower-adorned dress will someday go to a child, and will hopefully comfort that child as Poppy comforts her patients!


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