Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let it snow... no more!

Flagstaff is at the beginning of the third snowstorm this week, and this is the big one. From the first two, we got a combined 8-12 inches. So far, this storm has dropped at least a foot, and it's supposed to keep snowing nonstop through early Sunday morning. Here are some illustrations of how much snow we've gotten so far. This is my car, which I just cleaned off yesterday:

Our driveway, as seen from the front window:

The neighbor's house, he cleaned his roof off yesterday:

The window birdfeeder. The cats love watching the birds at the window, but I don't think any birds will be coming until I can get out there and clean it off.

Speaking of cats, they continue to be absolutely adorable.
Luke: "Mom? Why is Han sitting on me?"

Han loves burrowing under the blankets; he can nap there for hours:

Luke: *nom nom nom*

And in yarncraft news, here's a couple pictures of my slippers, which I finally finished so that I can wear them! They're felted wool, beautifully warm. The yarn is Cascade 220, and I used the pattern Big Snugs (Ravelry link).


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