Thursday, January 7, 2010

Website news

I've been working on setting up my new website, Since I do all my coding in Notepad, using HTML, it's taking a little while to change things over from the way they were on my old website, to make sure that they work on the new website. Once I get all the old content (some of which is getting a redesign) up, I'll work on adding new content. There are some areas of the site which have a lot of content sitting and waiting for me to edit it and code it up, and I hope to get more work done on that, especially on the Jedi Training Archive.

I'm also working on some fun crochet projects, one of which involved pink elephants. I've joined the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry, and that project and I few others that I have planned are for that. I'll post pictures as work progresses.

The cats are very lovey. We were away for Christmas and New Years, and they've been very glad that we came home to them. I'm working on toilet training them, but it's slow since I can't do anything when I'm at work. Right now they're using a metal bowl with litter that's placed in the toilet, under the seat. The trick now is to teach them to squat on the seat, instead of standing in the bowl, then slowly reducing the litter level, and putting water in the bowl instead, until they are ready for me to remove the bowl completely and continue to just use the toilet. Luke gets that it's easier to have his front paws out, but still has his back paws in the bowl. Han just gives me a look of "What? I'm in the litter box, just like I've always done it!" Progress is slow, but progressing. When I catch them using the toilet, I adjust their feet to the proper position, and if they leave their feet where I put them, they get a treat. Once they really connect foot placement to treats, I think that they'll get it a lot faster.

Signing off for now, going to work on the new website some more before bed.

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