Friday, March 18, 2011

October/November/December Yarncraft Recap

I work at a preschool, and for our Halloween party, we had to wear non-scary, non-violent, peaceful costumes. That meant that my usual costumes (Jedi, fencer, etc.) were out. Well, one of my favorite Halloween candies is candy corn , so I decided to dress as candy corn ! I crocheted a candy corn hat and a candy corn Madonna bra (which was NOT worn around the preschoolers), and to complete the costume, I also made a Sculpey candy corn necklace with glittery glaze and sewed a candy corn skirt. (I also wore a black shirt with a candy corn ribbon belt, black and orange tie-dye tights, and candy corn socks, but I didn’t make any of those.)

*NOM* Says Nibbler.

Two sparkly swirly hats:

I also made some hats for my brother and cousin, but didn't get pictures of them.


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