Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation Keep Mommy In Bed

I woke up this morning, shortly before my alarm went off, to all three boys curled up together by my legs. As soon as my alarm went off and I hit snooze, Luke came right up for some pets, so he got lots of head scritches. When I tired of that, he returned to his brothers and he and Han engaged in some mutual face-grooming. Nibbler was pretty out of it, but as soon as I began to stroke him, his purr machine started. When I started petting Luke again, his purrs joined Nibbler's. Han was a little less interested in pets then, so no purr from him.

After a while (and a couple times hitting the snooze button), I figured that I probably should get up, so I sat up a little and told the boys that. Immediately, Luke and Han got up (leaving very sleepy Nibbler) and came right up to me, almost demanding pets. Of course I had to oblige them and lay down to pet them. Trying to get up again, I rolled onto my back and stretched, with one hand above my head. Luke ran right up to that hand so that I could continue to pet him! Then when I moved my hand back down, he followed and flumped down in front of me, necessitating the giving of more pets before I was finally able to stop petting them and get up!

Of course, this sort of thing happens only when Elijah is gone, as the boys feel more comfortable with me (and always have). But it is progress, as previously, my sitting up in the bed would be cause enough for the twins to bolt out of the room. Having them approach me instead is a big step!


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