Saturday, March 12, 2011

Supreme Fuzzler

I was remiss in my last post (which I know was quite a while ago; life has a way of knocking you down for no good reason sometimes) in that I neglected to mention a new member of our family: another black boycat, whom we named Wicket (to continue to the Star Wars theme). We got him just before Halloween, so it really has been a while.

It took about a week for Leia to get used to having him around, and about another week after that before they really became playmates. Now, though, it's clear that they have a very similar energy level and are great together- they wrestle, chase, and compete for toys and treats (Wicket usually wins).

It also became apparent that he's very mouthy, eating ANYTHING that he can get his paws on, and licking most other things! So in light of that, and because he didn't really respond to the name Wicket, we decided to rename him Nibbler, after the Futurama character. He seems a bit happier with the new name, and also the new (orange, to match his collar) bow tie tag that I got him with his new name. So henceforth, Wicket shall be referred to as Nibbler. And Elijah's just thrilled that we have a cat who loves him as much as me. When Nibbler hears Elijah come home, he often runs to the door to greet him (though more often than not, he gets sidetracked by the food dish, little piglet that he is).


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