Sunday, January 17, 2010

Holy Pink Elephants, Batman!

I finished the pink elephant mobile yesterday, but was working today so I wasn't home in the light to take pictures. That will probably have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, as I'm also working tomorrow, and then Elijah and I are going to see Avatar (and then he gets to write a paper on it for a class, yay!).

I made another loaf of bread this morning, with decreased sugar, light crust, and the same amount of salt and yeast as the second loaf. It came out basically the same as the second loaf. I'm thinking that I might try a different recipe next time (the one I've been using is for French Countryside Bread), maybe the Italian Herb Bread.

I'm continuing to toilet train the cats. Today I caught Han on the seat with three paws up, all on his own! And then he let me put his last paw up. Otherwise, both boys continue to consistently put up both front paws on their own, and I can usually get their back paws up as well.

The cats were wrestling today, in between licking each other. Silly boys!


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