Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday, I made a restaurant-perfect omelette, it was in that perfect half-circle shape and everything. I was so proud of it that I just had to take a picture:

Actually, I had been planning to make scrambled eggs, but something told me to make an omelette instead, and this is what came out, so I'm happy with the results. And yes, the smiley face was intentional.

My first loaf of bread in my new breadmaker, on the other hand...

You can't really tell from the picture, but the center of the loaf is sunken in several inches. I'm at a very high altitude here in Flagstaff (7,000 feet), so I knew that I'd have to adapt the recipes for high altitude baking, but as it's mostly trial and error, this is just how the very first loaf came out. I'm making another one for tomorrow, using the timer so it'll be ready for breakfast. I added more salt and less yeast, so we'll see how that does. My cousin sent me a link to this article about high-altitude breadmaker baking, which explains that due to less air pressure than at sea level, the dough can rise too quickly and then collapse (which is what happened to me), leaving you with a sunken-in loaf. More salt and less yeast help correct for that, so hopefully tomorrow's loaf will have some more loft.

In other news, the kittens continue to be cute:

"Hi, Mommy! You are going to leave this comfy suitcase here for us to keep sleeping on, right?" (Han on left, Luke on right)

Luke: snorepurr, snorepurr....

And to compare, a picture of the kittens when we first got them and they were only five months old (they're eight and a half months now):

That's Luke checking out that handsome cat in the mirror, and Han on the right, investigating everything new (that's the top of a thing of Frosted Flakes).

Have a lovely day!


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