Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Update

Saturday afternoon, and it finally stopped snowing. Thursday evening, the snow turned into rain, which was good: it washed away a bit of the snow, and bad: our roof started leaking in a few places, and rain + snow = slush, slush + cold = ice. Here are some pictures from Friday:
The snow on the birdfeeder turned into a solid layer of ice:

My poor car, covered:

And some pictures from today:
View of the driveway from the street. There's at least three feet of snow walled up from the plow, and you can see the lump of snow that's covering my poor car at the bottom of the driveway:

The snow doesn't look as deep as it actually is, because there's at least a foot that's hardened up enough to walk on, and then another foot or so of soft snow on top of that:

At least the trees are pretty, if a bit overburdened:


The cats were a bit confused by all the white stuff:
Luke: "Mom? What's this white stuff that kinda smells like water?"

Han: "This stuff is weird!"

Han then decided that he'd just hang out for a while:

Pictures of my pink flying elephant mobile, as well as non-mobiled flying elephants (some of which aren't even pink!) to come soon!


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