Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blowin' in the Wind

I took Leia to PetSmart on the leash again today- every time I take her, she gets better and more comfortable about being on the leash. Today she started following me without me having to tug the leash and call her every time I wanted to take a step (just sometimes). She's starting to understand what I want her to do on the leash, and she's getting used to it. Just like every time I've brought her in, people love seeing her and petting her and saying how pretty and well-behaved she is.

We got the couple of things that I had gone in for, and then she wanted to explore. She took me down the toy aisle, and we picked out a tub of catnip (with a pink fluffy toy inside). She wanted to stay there, but after a while I picked her up and we went back to watch the birds- she loves finches because they flit around so much.

I carried her towards checkout (I had to carry her because she wasn't ready to leave, she just wanted to explore more), and we chatted for a few minutes with the cashier and another woman, but then Leia wanted down. She wasn't interested in going to see the fish (I don't think that she really knows what fish are, though- we always watch the birds, but I don't know if she's ever seen fish), so she led me away, and we ended up going down the small rodent aisle to the ferret section. Serendipitously, I saw a roll of citrus-scented power cable cover, which Leia hated the smell of. Perfect! She doesn't like to listen to us when we tell her to stay away from power cords and not to play with them, so I bought the roll, figuring that it might help deter her.

She led me around the store a bit more before I decided that it was time to leave, and picked her up to head to checkout before she made me spend any more money (I got out of there spending $40- the spoiled kittens!). The cashier was the one who's almost always there when we go in, and she loves Leia. I've been going there so much more often since I started taking Leia with me that we've become regulars, and employees and customers alike recognize us.

I picked Leia up to carry her through the parking lot to the car, and she was NOT HAPPY because it was very windy, and apparently she doesn't like wind. At all. Not one little bit. (I think it's because it messes up her princess fur.) Once in the car out of the wind, she calmed down, and I decided to press on to Petco, to see if they had any better collars. I've been wanting to get new collars for the boys, as theirs are getting worn out, but I couldn't find a good red collar at PetSmart. Luke wears red and Han wears blue (since they're both black-furred, the collars help tell them apart), except the collars we had were red and black. At Petco, I found the perfect collars- red and blue with silver paw prints, which go with Leia's collar, which is pink with silver paw prints. So now the cats all have semi-matching collars! Now that the boys are wearing their new collars, they seem unimpressed, but they know that they're handsome.

Leia was a little scared in Petco, since it's a new place, and was eager to go home. She was so tired from all her exploring that she napped almost the entire ride home, and is curled up napping in one of the tower tubes.

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  1. soooo cute....your cats are the cutest!!!