Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was preparing some food for myself in the microwave, and of course I have two cats at my feet asking "Hey Mom? Mom? Whatcha making? Is that for us? Huh Mom? Can I have some, Mom? Hey, Mom? Mom?" I decided to give them some mush (canned food), since I like to give them that every so often, especially for Leia, since she is a growing kitten and still getting over the tail end of the sneezing fits that she has from the upper respiratory infection that she had when we got her. The can I had open was Turkey and Giblets, so I dished up some of that into one of their bowls (the large one, that three cats can eat out of at once), and stuck it into the microwave for a few seconds, to take off the refrigerator-induced chill. Leia was sitting patiently, waiting, as was Luke, but Han was being a bit of a brat, getting in my way and whining. I took the bowl out of the microwave and put it down for them. Leia immediately went over and started eating; Luke went over, sniffed it, decided that he didn't want any and walked away; and Han sniffed it, gave me a look of "Moooooom, I like CHICKEN, not TURKEY! Ewwwwww!" and walked away, tail held high to show me his butt. Sheesh, boy. All that whining and getting in my way, only to snub the food? Sheesh!


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