Friday, March 12, 2010

Leia loves toys

Hi, Innernet peoples! I'm Leia, the cutest cat. Mommy says she told you about me and showed you all pictures, but I'm a lot cuter than those pictures show. Anyway, Mommy said that I could talk to you, cause I'm sick and she thinks that it'll distract me. I'm not really sick, just a little sick, like I was when Mommy first brought me home, but Mommy said that it's sick enough that she wouldn't take me to PetSmart (meanie!) when she had to get more litter today, and she's taking me to the vet tomorrow. Don't worry though, cause I'm still feeling really playful. How could I not, when EVERYTHING is a toy? I love toys. They're my favorite thing in the world! I love playing with Mommy's glasses, and her yarn, and her knitting needles, cause they're really shiny, and my brothers' tails, and my tail, and my pink fluffy ball, and the aluminum foil ball, and the fuzzy mousie, and the pink and purple fuzzy tribble, and Mommy's braid, and pebbles, and the straps on Daddy's backpack, and Daddy's shoelaces, and Mommy's keys, and anything dangly or shiny or fuzzy or that moves! I love all toys! I love chasing them, and batting them, and carrying them in my mouth, and kicking them, and biting them, and play play play!

At this point, Leia ran off to play with a toy. Of course.

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  1. Well, who doesn't love toys? Hope she's feeling better.