Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Darling of PetSmart

Since Leia has finished her bout of antibiotics and is quite recovered except for the occasional sneeze, I took her to PetSmart again today, which she enjoyed. She loves watching the guinea pigs- they're in the lowest level, so she can sit on the floor and watch to her heart's content- until I pick her up so we can leave (if I don't pick her up, she doesn't want to leave!).

We saw the sweetest, most polite little girl, who asked very nicely if she could pet the kitty before she approached. THAT'S how it's supposed to work- you ask before approaching an animal, since you don't know if it's friendly, especially for children. Leia also got to meet a little boy, and she was perfectly lovely with both kids. She's going to be the perfect family cat.

I'm also trying to get her used to dogs a little bit, so when a woman walked in with her dog, whom she said is very used to cats, since she also has cats at home, I put Leia down to meet the dog. She and the dog sniffed each other, and she didn't hiss, but decided that she'd had enough, so I picked her up and we went to check out. All in all, a very successful day for Leia!


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